Thursday, August 30, 2012

Opera House Coffee and Food Emporium

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This is a very interesting and eclectic place both foodwise as well as atmospherewise. First foodwise, it is a collection of three main businesses. A  coffeehouse, a bakery and a grill that serves burgers and tacos and the like; breakfast is also available.

Paleo Burger

Bacon Cheese Burger

The grill is called the Paleo Grill (as in Paleolithic), there was a well worn book propped up on a stand on the order counter entitled “The Paleo Diet for Athletes”.  In case you are not familiar with this diet, it’s based on a very simple principle, if the cavemen didn’t eat it; you probably have no business eating it either. Relax, they aren’t going to force you to eat this way, they have two menus.  The Paleo Menu is seasonal and changes based on the availability of the farm to table items.  This makes me wonder about sourcing during winter, but I guess we have something that the cave men didn't; freezers.  Is freezing food cheating?  The Paleo Grill guarantees that all of their meat and produce is certified naturally grown on a farm.  This means that the farmers did not use chemical pesticides or herbicides.  The animals used for meat were grass fed and not injected with antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones.  I like that idea a lot!  My spouse ordered a burger, sting beans and a side of guacamole from the Paleo Menu.  It was alright, but not amazing by any means.  I tried a bacon cheese burger and the pork carnitas from the regular menu.  I liked the pork carnitas, the marinade had a nice flavor and they were very juicy.  The bacon cheese burger was ok, but both of us thought the bun tasted odd, it was sweet, and that made it a no for me. 

We had two items for dessert from the Bake Haus bakery.  A macaroon and a lemon bar.  Both were good and went down well with a cup of coffee from the Classic Rock Coffee Company.    

The atmosphere is trashy chic done very well, an eclectic mix of industrial and urban modern loaded full of vintage bric-a-brac. It seems both hip and homey. Although I sure would hate to be the one to dust all of that stuff, I did enjoy sitting there looking at it.  There is a stage where music is performed, one of the guys there that we presumed to be an owner told us that they have applied for a liquor license and hope to have more live music once their license comes through.  I could see people hanging out there listening to music.  It’s a great concept, complementary businesses sharing a space, I know that we’ve enjoyed the time we spent there both times that we went, but we usually do. Too bad you couldn’t have been there with us.   


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