Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cupcake a la Mode

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We finally got around to trying Cupcake a la Mode; (It’s only taken 3 years).  We took so long to get there that they have changed locations from 47th Street in West Plaza to a cute spot directly on the Plaza.  Good for them!  Business must be good.  My spouse, 17 year old son and I ordered 4 cupcakes:  Red Velvet, Blackberry, Nutella and Tiramisu.  Now, not being from this area originally, I have to admit that I am not a fan of Red Velvet cake.  In fact, I don’t even understand what the big deal is… red food coloring makes it oh so much better?  However, my son has been thoroughly brainwashed by that red dye and he says that Red Velvet cake is his favorite.  I do like the cream cheese frosting, so I stuck my finger in it and tasted it (much to the loud objections from my son).  It was good; I don’t know what the cake tasted like because I refuse to knowingly put that much red dye in my body.  However, my son reported that it met expectation, minus being tarnished by a finger sized hole in the frosting.  Next, the Blackberry; its butter cream frosting was just like eating a blackberry, there was even a nice plump blackberry on top, nice.  The disappointing part of this one for my spouse and I was that the chocolate cake portion was dry; a problem not uncommon for chocolate cake.  The same problem was true for the Nutella cupcake.  The Nutella cake’s other problem was that it didn’t taste anything like Nutella.  I’ve been a big fan of the spread since childhood, so I was disappointed.  The best cupcake for me was the Tiramisu.  Wow, two types of butter cream frosting covered the moist white cake.  We all really liked this one.  I will go back for one of these, take it to the deck at Starbucks with friends and have it with a cup of good coffee.  That’s the best part of Cupcake a la Mode’s new location.  You can have your cake and walk to your favorite outdoor coffee spot too.     

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