Monday, May 14, 2012

Chez Elle

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There are several trendy breakfast spots in Kansas City in old buildings in old neighborhoods that have gone for the "trashy chic" look with beat up old kitchen tables and rickety chairs (and that's fine). However, whoever owns this place put some money into the décor; everything is new and inviting. There are quite a few stairs to climb to the entrance, but don't let that deter you if you have trouble with stairs, there is a ramp on the left side of the building.
After climbing the stairs and entering, you find yourself in an inviting two story space that feels rather like a lobby. The order counter is to your left, the menu is written on a chalk board above the entrance to one of two dining rooms. You place your order and are given a number that you place in one of the kitschy little metal Eiffel Towers that are on each table. I thought these were cute and I appreciate that I don't have to wait, bunched up with everyone, near the counter for my order to come up or have someone walking through with plates of food yelling customer names every few minutes.
The kitchen is in the center and open to what I would consider the main dining room, to the right of the order counter. The other dining room is more coffee house style with black leather couches and chairs, a few tables to sit at and art from local artists for sale on the walls, this room has windows, the main room does not. Both rooms are inviting. I like that the spaces are so distinct, I can choose one or the other based on my mood.
There are 26 crepes listed on the menu (I'm sure you can come up with your own favorite concoction as well). In addition, the menu states that vegan, gluten free and buckwheat crepes are also available. Other menu items available: Greek, Spinach and House Salads; Soup of the Day; an assortment of house made pastries, smoothies and coffee.
We each ordered a cup of coffee and decided to share four crepes.
Crepe One: Bonjour - ham, scrambled eggs, Swiss cheese and hollandaise. (It came with the scrambled eggs piled on top, hmm…) We both thought this one was rather bland (possibly because we were also eating crepe two at the same time).

Crepe Two: Jambon - Black Forest ham, pesto, spinach, mozzarella and crème fraiche. Wow. The pesto tasted house made, very fresh, as was the spinach. The basil and garlic in this really made it pop. We both really liked it.

Crepe Three: Tropicale - coconut cream custard, almond brittle, pineapple and kiwi. I thought this one was okay. I did like the mix of flavors and textures. My co-diner absolutely loved it.

Crepe Four: Citron - lemon curd, strawberries (on the side) and whipped cream with a dash of powdered sugar. This one is served cold. My co-diner thought this one was too tart. I really liked this one. The tart lemon mixing with the ripe, sweet strawberries was a nice mix. This one would be especially refreshing on a hot KC summer afternoon.

The bill came to $34.80 before tax or tip (there is a tip jar at the order counter). We both really enjoyed this place and will be back.

Chez Elle Creperie Coffeehouse on Urbanspoon

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