Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Wild Cod Special Truly Is

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Monday night May 14th, 2012.  I’m not a big fan of Asian food so I didn’t want to eat here.  I talked my spouse into walking down to Lakeside Tavern to check out the menu there, but we saw ketchup sitting on the tables when we peeked in the window and my spouse had a fit (so we walked back to Blue Koi).
It was a very pleasant evening so we sat outside.  Blue Koi has a very large outdoor covered dining area perfect for those of us who like to eat al fresco, it would be fun to sit out there and eat during a gentle rain.  The special for the evening was “Wild Cod”, pan seared in Saki with Asian spices.  I ordered it, my spouse ordered Braised Pork with Shitake Mushrooms at the suggestion of our waiter.  The special was served over white rice with a side of sautéed carrots, asparagus and baby shitake mushrooms. 
I ordered it with the suggested wine pairing which really complemented the flavors of the meal; when sipped while chewing the fish; it changed the flavor of the wine to a slightly smoky, clove like flavor.  Nice.  My spouse, who dislikes all things fish, tasted it at my urging and liked it very much as well.  This, for my spouse, was a very big complement. 


The owner was walking around asking people what they thought of their food.  I told her I thought that the fish special was fantastic.  She was pleased and explained that it was her own creation.  I told her the only thing I didn’t like about it was that it wasn’t available all the time.  She explained that even though it is not on the regular menu; it is offered as a special about every six weeks.  (It had been presented on a laminated sheet so I figured that this was not just a onetime thing.)  Lucky me.
My spouse was far less enthused by the Braised Pork with Shitake Mushrooms.  I tasted it and agreed, the fish was the dish… at least for tonight.

For dessert we had Wonton Cheesecake.  (Think Crab Rangoon with a cheesecake filling instead of crab.)

These were interesting; four are served hot on a plate with some sort of fruit (apricot maybe?)  and syrupy juice which is cold.  These went down well with a large cup of coffee.  Not my favorite dessert ever, but worth a try.
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