Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lidia's Italy - Kansas City

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I am a big fan of Arancini.  At Lidia’s they are stuffed with Lobster, ever so lightly breaded and plated on a bed of pureed corn, drizzled with basil oil.  There aren’t words in the English language that can adequately describe the pleasure I receive by eating these.  Add a glass of wine, a few friends and/or family members that you love and they launch the start of a perfect night of dining out. 
I truly enjoy everything about Lidia’s; the setting in an old freight house, the atmosphere that the designers have created with the space, including the wisteria and mandevilla covered trellis that you walk under to the front door, the hand blown glass chandeliers that hang from the ceiling and the interesting way in which the space is divided to create more intimacy. 
I always order the Pasta Trio; mostly because I like pasta but also because I love the whir of activity that surrounds the table when the guys bring out the still sizzling skillets filled with pasta that they scoop directly onto your plate.  They will bring out more if you like, but I never do, I save room for dessert, you should too, their dessert chef just won a “Food and Wine” award.  There are always interesting options, however, one of us always picks something with chocolate that we all share, because as I always tell my son, money can’t buy happiness, but it CAN buy chocolate, so we do, and eat it while sipping a cup of good coffee.
The food here is always good and the service is some of the very best in the city.  I really enjoy spending an evening here eating, talking and laughing.  My son says he wishes that he could live here… yup, we like it that much.  As always, we have a great time, maybe next time you can join us.

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