Monday, July 23, 2012

The cure for what "ales" Waldo?

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Remedy Food and Drink is the newest edition to the Waldo Bar and Grill / Tavern / Pub set.  Remedy, a Gastro Pub, sits on the corner of Washington and 75th Street in Waldo, just 2 doors up from the 75th Street Brewery.   I went there with a buddy on Friday, July 13th.  The atmosphere is a cross between a regular bar and a coffee house.  An actual bar takes up most of the North wall of the main room.  There are several high-top tables with bar chairs surrounding them.  There are a few regular tables that have chairs on one side and grey, high-backed, two person sofas on the other, not really love seats; they’re more like oversized wing backs.  The entire South wall is floor to ceiling glass.  The place is kind of a cross between hip and homey. 

Eggplant Fries

"Pig Tails"

We ordered Eggplant Fries and “Pig Tails” for starters.  The eggplant fries are breaded, almost like a tempura, and fried.  They are drizzled with honey and sprinkled with sea salt.  They have a slightly sweet flavor when you first began to chew them, then leave you with a slightly salty taste.  Nice.  This is the first place that I have encountered them in Kansas City.  They are good while hot, but become rather mushy as they cool down.  I cannot remember what the pig tails were.  I know the center contains carrots, surrounded by some form of meat (I think), which is then breaded and fried.  These are served with pureed celery with some hot sauce in it.  It looked like apple sauce, but just tasted hot.  (I think I would have liked these dipped in apple sauce).  They were okay.

After the fried starters we sampled the Melon Salad that was advertized as a special on the big chalk board on the side wall and the Pork Shoulder which our waitress said tasted like pork candy.  She also informed us that they cure their own meat right on site.  After she walked away we both wrinkled up our noses and I said, “Gross! Can you image what that must smell like?  Where do you think they do that?  Do you think they have some rotting pigs hanging from a ceiling in a closet?”   I’d still like to know.  Oh well, the pork was extremely tender and had a nice flavor, it wasn’t very juicy though.  The melon salad was beautiful.  It was just cubed pieces of melon, layered on a plate.  No fancy seasonings or sauces, just fruit.  It was very refreshing. 

For dessert we went back to the fried side.  I wanted the chocolate brownie waffle, but, we shared the fried pies instead.  You get three fried fruit pies, apple, pear and berry, served hot.  They were okay, but not great.  What was great was the small scoop of Mascarpone Ice Cream.  Wow.  I would go back and order just that.  It was very rich, the small scoop was just enough to leave me wanting more, without leaving me filled with regret for having eaten too much of it. 

Being a gastro pub they don’t have bartenders, they have “mixologists”.  I thought I’d try the mixologist on duty out.  I said I wanted something with lemon that wasn’t sweet, he could pick the poison.  What I got was… something with lemon that wasn’t sweet, the poison was vodka.  Not really very inspired.  Oh well, all of that food and two drinks came to only $50.50 before tax and tip.  It turned out to be a fun time; I wish you could have been there with us.

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