Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Balsano’s Gelato Café

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So, my 17 year old came downtown to work in my office to make a little extra cash, I told him he could decide where to go for lunch.  He chose Chipotle…Hhhh.  I couldn’t talk him into anywhere else.  I don’t mind Chipotle, I always get my meal there in a bowl and it is always filling.  Chipotle’s Power and Light location is always bursting at the seams during lunch time and I usually run into people I know, which is fun. 
After lunch we walked across the courtyard to Balsano’s Gelato Café.  He really loved going to Balsano’s when it was on the Plaza and was completely bummed when they closed, through no fault of their own (if you believe all of the rumors).  Sometimes Kansas City is such a small town, anyway, we hadn’t been down to the new location until today.  The Power and Light district isn’t exactly teen friendly, for whatever reason it’s much easier for he and his friends to drive to the Plaza, park and walk around.  The new location is “L” shaped.  There are tables for two next to the exterior’s glass and the counter takes up the inside.  It’s cute although cozy.   
There are many gelato flavors to choose from, he chose Red Velvet Cake and Cheesecake flavors.  I ordered Italian Chocolate Chip.  He raved about how much he liked both flavors; I on the other hand, am not a fan.  To me, gelato should be very smooth and creamy, this tasted like freezer burned ice cream.  They report serving sandwiches, but today, they said they only had egg salad, upon hearing this, a potential customer walked.  I worry about this place’s viability, it was the middle of lunch hour on an 80+ degree day and there were only two other customers inside while outside the P&L was crawling with people.  If it doesn’t work out here, I hope they will try again, maybe in a more family friendly environment. 

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